Nourish your face

nourish your face
Face Treatment Natural Oils by Atlas Cosmetics
Face Treatment Natural Oils by Atlas Cosmetics, include Grape Seed Natural Oil, Argaan Oil & Jojoba Natural Oil

There are 3 wonderful face treatment oils we carry:

  1. Argaan Elixir is a great treatment for face 100% Argan Oil of cosmetic grade, cold pressed.
  2. Jojoba Natural Oil is used for very dry skin. Nourishes & moisturizes deeply.
  3. Grape Seed Natural Oil reduces wrinkles around the eyes and the smile.

Each one of these is wonderful by itself. however, if used together within the same treatment, the results are simply amazing. You should alternate one of these each evening for the entire week, then let your face rest without any for the 7th evening. This treatment for 2-3 weeks will show you great results and radiant skin.

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