A gentle natural make-up remover

Azoor Lavender Water - Eau de Rose by Atlas Cosmetics

A Simple and Natural Solution for Cleansing and Removing Makeup

Only 2 ingredients are needed, without preparation beforehand:

– Jojoba oil

– Hydrosol (the choice of your hydrosol must be made according to your skin type)

Combination mixed skin: Lavender hydrosol

Dry skin: Orange blossom hydrosol

Oily skin: Rosemary hydrosol

Normal Skin: Rose hydrosol
Sensitive skin with reactive tendency: Chamomile hydrosol

In My next article I will come back with more details regarding the properties of each hydrosol depending on your skin type. So stay tuned for more.

Jojoba Natural Oil AzoorJojoba Natural Oil Azoor
Jojoba Natural Oil Azoor

From its Latin name Simmondsia Chinensis, Jojoba oil is a more or less viscous yellow liquid wax, which has many interesting qualities for acneic, mixed or oily skin:
• It controls the loss of hydration, forming a slight occlusive film, while allowing the skin to breathe.
• It regulates and limits the overproduction of sebum, it prevents the pores from clogging.
• It is therefore called “sebum regulator” in both directions: prevents dehydration (thus it hydrates) and regulates the production of sebum.
• It softens the skin.
• It is protective against the aggressions of the cold, the drought.
• It has a natural solar index of 5.
• It has the advantage of penetrating easily into the skin.
Jojoba oil can therefore be used to cleanse and remove make-up from your skin. It is used with a cotton all over the face, including eyelids. It eliminates all liposoluble waste, such as:
-excess of sebum
-the remains of make-up
-The particles of pollution …
It leaves a protective film on the skin.
After opening, use your Jojoba oil maximum within one year.

Lavender Floral Water Azoor
Lavender Floral Water Azoor

Hydrosols (also called Hydrolats)
A hydrolat, hydrosol or floral water has several functions:
• A function to eliminate water-soluble particles such as sweat, particles of pollution …
• Spray: this is the most simple use of this precious floral water, it is ideal to wake up the skin in the morning, to cleanse, tone it and make it breathe in the evening.
As cleansing lotion: Floral waters are effective for softening and cleansing the skin. It is an excellent 100% natural beauty product.
Eye bath: to deflate the eyelids, and to reduce the fatigue of the eye contour.
The best use is to make it your toned lotion.
For several reasons :
• it complements the cleansing of your face to remove the water-soluble particles that have become incrusted, especially after a pure oil that remove mostly the fat-soluble particles present in the sebum.
• it re-balances the pH of the skin
• it brings therapeutic molecules that will complement natural care based on vegetable oils and / or essential oils
For sensitive, reactive, intolerant or dry skin, this is the gentlest way to de-penetrate and tone your face
The simplest is to use it pure spray on the skin of your face and neck, after having previously cleaned with jojoba oil, pass a cotton or a wipe on your face in order to complete Gentle and effective way to your makeup removal routine.
Good to know: Hydrosols are very sensitive to bacteria and must be kept cool (in your refrigerator). Is kept 6 months after opening the bottle.

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