Sun Henna Kit


Sun Henna Kit
Henna Temporary Tattoo Pack
includes Henna, Tools
& necessary items to draw with henna



Sun Henna Kits include all the necessary tools and more to mix your very own henna paste. With detailed instructions, it is as easy as 1-2-3. Sun Henna Kits come pre-measured for each use. the small sampler kits contain bags of 5G each, while the others have bags that contain 25G each.

Henna body art lasts for 1-2 weeks depending on where on the body it is applied, and how long it is kept to dry.

On canvas, leather and wood, Sun Henna Kits help you get the maximum out of your henna art. The bottles in the Sun Henna Kits allow for the fine line drawing needed to create amazing henna art.

Sun Henna Ad
Sun Henna Ad

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Sun Henna Kit 10, Sun Henna Kit 15, Sun Henna Kit 25, Sun Henna Kit 50


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