Tea Tree Essential Oil

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Natural Antiseptic


Tea tree essential oil has many properties. In diffuser, it helps to fight against tiredness, to regain calm and to regain tonus, to purify the ambient air. It is one of the most known and used essential oils thanks to its many properties.

The essential oil of Tea Tree is also used to disinfect or clear breathing airways, to provide a solution to many skin problems or to stimulate immune defenses.

Tea tree essential oil comes from a small shrub of Australian origin called “Tea Tree”. It was Captain Cook who named it but the plant had nothing to do with the tea plant. The aborigines used the infusion of its leaves to heal skin and wounds.

Known properties:
Breathing better
Positive action against respiratory infections

Better digestion

Helps fight vaginal and urinary infections

Tea Tree essential Oil for Skin
Helps combat all kinds of skin problems
Helps to fight itching
Helps to fight against acne

Tea Tree essential Oil for Hair
Antidandruff Action
Reduces tone with dull hair

Tea Tree essential Oil for Sleep and Energy
Helps fight fatigue
Restores tone

Tea Tree essential Oil for Better fighting
Helps stimulate immune defenses

Tea Tree essential Oil for Household products
Disinfectant action, can be added in laundry or household products.

Some examples of uses
A few drops in a diffuser (5 min)

Other uses
Tea Tree essential Oil for Care
1 to 2 drops directly on the stings, cold sores, warts …
In gargle against infections of the throat and mouth.
2 drops in your dose of shampoo against dandruff. Be careful not to put it in the eyes!
1 drop mixed with 5 drops of vegetable oils applied to mycoses.

A few drops in a foot bath against fungal infections and blisters. (6 to 8 drops per 2 liters)
A few drops in the bath against vaginal and urinary infections.

A few drops in a bowl of warm water, inhaled against respiratory infections.

Massage on the wrists and back against fatigue.

Ways of intake:
Internal track: yes
Dermal route: yes
Dissemination: yes
Inhalation: yes

Technical notes
Botanical Name: Melaleuca alternifolia
Part of plant: Leaf
Extraction Method: Steam Distillation
Chemical composition: Alpha-pinene, Terpinene, natural Pinene beta, gamma Terpinene, D-limonene
Origin: Australia
Culture: Conventional
Color: Transparent

Storage: Protect from light.
Synergy with the following oils: Lavender, Lemon, Geranium, Pine, Clary sage, Marjoram, Clove, Rosemary.

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